December 8, 2007

The Comeback Challenge ~ 50th Celebration - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Can you believe this is the 50th Comeback Challenge? I wrote the first Saturday Comeback Challenge November 2, 2006. To celebrate our anniversay I've posted all the winners below and tallied the number of wins for each contestant. You will also find my favorite answer from each competition sent in by that winner. It is in red bold lettering. Choosing just one was the tough part! I hope you enjoy this. Thank you all so much for playing the game week after week. You really DO tickle my funny bone. Please have some cake.

Round 1 ~ 11/2/06 Winner: Bud Weiser, WTIT Tape Radio

Favorite comeback:

"I'm hopping to make new freinds."
Then it is good that I am a kangaroo.

Round 2 ~ 11/20/06 Winner: It was a tie between Frank from Foxxfyrre's Honk 'n Hollr and Bud Weiser from WTIT Tape Radio Station

Looking For My Sole Mate
Bud: Try the aquarium
Frank: My sock there, too. I'm always one short on laundry day.

Round 3 ~ Winner: Epiphany Alone (now known as Screw Perfection)

Give Me a Spin
Give me a break.

Round 4 ~ Winner: Screw Perfection

"I love the outdoors, yet I live in town."
You should've moved to a town with a retractable roof.

Round 5 ~ Winner: Bud Weiser from WTIT Tape Radio

I can black tie.
I can black-eye. You have been warned...

Round 6 ~ Winner: Lynn from My Last Minute Life

Looking For Friends Maybe More
You can still find Friends in syndication most weekday evenings, sometimes more than one episode.

Round 7 ~ Winner: Tied between and Bud and Epiphany

The winner: Screw Perfection (Epiphany Alone)

I want to glaze into your eyes
Please donut do that.

Round 8 ~ 1/4/07 Hosted by Bud Weiser of WTIT Tape Radio so that I could enter my own competition ~ Winner: Linda from Are We There Yet?

Honest Man with tainted past.
Seeks someone to dye for

Round 9 ~ 1/9/06 with nineteen entries!

Winner: Canadian Frank Sirianni from Frank's Honk 'n Hollr

I'm the last of a dieing bread.
You're not trying to butter me up, are you?

Round 10 ~ Rebel Without a Clue ~1/18/07 Winner: Starrlight from Here Comes A Storm in The Form Of a Girl

My favorite colors are black and chrome. Looking for a back. Wanna ride?

Yeah Baby Yeah! Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway. Seriously, what is your biker name? Rebel Without A Clue?

Round 11 ~ 1/23/07 Winner: SGT DUB

God didn't intend for us to be along!
Short people got nobody.

Round 12 ~ Winner: Screw Perfection

hi my name is frank and i've been lost for seven years. i lost my love seven years ago and i am thinking that its been time to look for a new love.
Hi, Frank. I hate to be the one to break it to you,'re still lost.

Round 13 ~ 2/5/07 Winner: Ian Healy from Edog's Everything Page

I am just a country boy who likes to hunt and go fishing in joy going out to eat.

Maw! Billy done posted sumthin’ on that thar intarweb agin! He orter have a whuppin!”

Round 14 ~ 2/13/07 Winner: Limey

I work hard so that i may play hard; looking for someone that can keep up : spiritually, mentally and definely physically!

If I'm reading between the lines correctly I'm yours. I'm also a functioning alcoholic.... "spiritually" Tequila shots at 2am.... "mentally" fight off the DTs with a little JD.... "physically" I've had the liver transplant.

Round 15 ~ 2/21/07 Winner: Turnbaby from And As The World Turns

Favorite Comeback:

If Love were Oil, I'd be a quart low!
And if you were a car, I'd be taking the bus.

Round 16 ~ 2/26/07 Winner: Ian Healy from Edog's Everything Page ~ Colorado

Do You Like Cookies?
Not enough to lower my firewall for you

Round 17 ~ 3/6/07 Winner: Spinners from Michigan ~ My Life As We Think I Know It

My favorite thing to watch on TV is Competitive Cat Grooming.
I can lick my eyebrows

Round 18 ~ 3/12/07 Winner: Ian Healy from EDog's Everything Page

I'll be the Cuckoo in your Cocoa Puff
"Waiter, there's a moron in my cereal!"

Round 19 ~ 3/19/07 Ants and the Addams Family ~ Winner: Vinny from Bond's Big Leather Couch

I have NO, NONE, ZERO internal filter. Much to the horror of those around me if I think it I say it.... I am that guy that will spew non-stop garbage from my mouth just to see how far I can go before people realize I'm insulting them to their face. For some reason some people think I'm an arrogant s*@t.... That's so not true!

You sir are a incredibly philosophical conundrum with an obtuse, nescient ability to be extremely tedious with an affinity for repugnance. What I find is true is you inutile

Round 20 ~ 3/26/07 Winner: Bond from The Big Leather Couch in Memphis, Tennessee

I'm a little shy at first but warm up with in a few minuets.

Personally I like rock and roll and have never been a fan of minuets and those damn harpsichords, but whatever turns you on.

Round 21 ~ Winner: Spinners from My Life As We Think I Know It
No game players or pent-up psychotic behavior please.
I'm neither of those...WHY WON'T THOSE VOICES JUST SHUT UP

Round 22 ~ Let's Have Fung ~ Winner: Spinners from Michigan

Sharp dressers and good kissers make me weak in the knees.
What made you weak in the brain?

Round 23 ~ Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! Winner: Bond from Bond's Big Leather Couch

I am a little red neck, but i know the differance between a salad fork and a spoon.
BUT, do you know the difference between your mother and your sister and a girl you are not related to?

Round 24 ~ Naked Ben Frankin and Tying The Not ~ Winner: SGT DUB

I like standing naked in front of my window and flying kites during thunderstorms...i never wear underwear and i'm not ashamed to repeat that fact to complete strangers on the bus...i wasn't naked when I wrote this.
None the less, I’m sanitizing my keyboard and screen now

Round 25 ~ When You Wash The Dishes It Turns Me On

Winner: Bond from The Big Leather Couch

I'll just start off right now by apologizing, because I'm sure that I will screw up something or say something stupid, so I'm sorry.
Too late.

Round 26 ~ I'm Just An Oyster Cracker ~ Mr. Lance from Solitary Views in Canada

I just came back 2 god.and there is still something missing.
God cleaned out you room when you were gone. Yes he found the pipe under your bed

Round 27 The Flea Market of Life ~ Winner: SGT DUB

Higher Standard? Lower it a bit for me.
What’s lower than zero?

Round 28 Dogs and Ponies Winner: Bond from The Big Leather Couch
One half a party in a one dog town
With half a brain.

Round 29 I Would, But...... Winner: Anyhow Blogs from Singapore

I never thought this would be like writing my own eulogy.
I never thought this would be as boring as reading an eulogy.

Round 30 The Fish Men ~ Winner: Bond from Bond's Big Leather Couch

I Am a Happy-Go-Lucky Guy who suffers bouts of depression.
Can you be a Happy-Go-Away guy too?

Round 31 Well Hell Froze Over ~ Winner: Anyhow Blogs

You Had Me at Get Lost
That's why I never want to get lost ever again.

Round 32 ~ 6/30/07 Ther Snack Guy ~ No winner declared

Round 33 Playin' Dead and Waitin' On Jesus ~ Winner: Anyhow

Come Walk Your Inner Dog With Me
Sorry, I'm more of an Inner Cat person.

Round 34 Goldyloc and The Frog With Mussels ~ Winner: Bud Weiser, WTIT Tape Radio
I enjoy working on mussel cars.
Try oyster cars next. At least then there is the occasional pearl.

Round 35 Throw Another Ken On the Barbie ~ Winner: Bud Weiser, WTIT Tape Radio
Does this profile make me look fat?
Nope, just stupid.

Round 36 Pet Rocks and Curly Toes ~ Winner:

Two contestants played this week. Here are their answers.

Rachet in need of socket.
Bud: No, man in need of brains.
Looking For That Missing Piece
Bond: It's called a frontal lobe.

Round 37 ~ No, I Do Not Ride a Mule or Welcome To The Bold and The Pitiful

Winner: Bond from The Big Leather Couch
Wen Tow Pepole Love Each Other
Dey ken bee so hapy butt you are knot the won.

Round 38 ~ The Queen of Snark Has Arrived ~ Winner: Turnbaby from And As The World Turns

Just looking to spend time with some one and getting to no them
Not if I no you first

Round 39 ~ You Compleat Me ~ Winner: Frank Sirianni from Honk 'n Hollr

I am trying to find that Ms. right,but all the girls i keep runing in to to date it seams all they want in a relationship is just the sex. what kind of relationship is that? I would like to find someone that fells the same way. know dose this mean i won't kiss you on the frist date?!? Well you will just have to weight and see!!!

Jenny Craig doesn't teach English as a First language too, so you will just have to 'weight' and see.

Round 40 ~ You Had Me At Fool ~ Frank from Canada
Here goes nothing....
It hurts to be right doesn't it?

Round 41 ~ The Case of the Untuned Stone ~ Linda from Are We There Yet?

Walking Fool
Running scared!

Round 42 ~ I'm a Quart Low ~ Winner: Katherine from Wading Through My Stream of Consciousness
If love were oil, I'd be a quart low!

If Love were an engine…you'd be a cracked block.

Round 43 ~ Can Your Dog Water Ski? ~ Winner: Bond from The Big Leather Couch

Fully normalized and active diplomatic relations with the feminine. First rule of dating…try not to speak above your fifth grade education

Round 44 ~ Be My Spatula ~ Winner: Bud Weiser from WTIT Tape Radio Blog
Be My Spatula
I think you are destined to flip yourself.

Round 45 ~ High Their ~ Winner: Spinners from My Life As We Think I Know It

Hear I Am
Thair I go

Round 46 ~ Boo! Bachelors Scarier Than Halloween ~ Winner: Frank from Honk 'n Hollr
Wanted: Beauty Deeper Than Skin

Revlon's been asking that question for years, but I do have some Oil of Go 'Way you could try.

Round 47 ~ Fish Fear Me ~ Winner: Spinners from My Life As We Think I Know It


Better hope she's not looking for a husband who's not too dumb

Round 48 ~ They Have T-issues ~ Bond from The Big Leather Couch

Trying to find ying for my yang
Trying to find a door for my exit

Note: One of the funniest answers I've ever heard came from our second runner-up, Linda, to this challenge: I like crybaby movies and cuddly-warm people.

You have tissues, don't you?

Round 49 ~ Sugar On an Ant Hill ~ Winner: Frank of Honk 'n Hollr & Linda @ Are We There Yet?

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.
Thanks for playing the game. Congratulations to all.


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Linda said...

Wow - this had to take you forever to put together - what a great job you did! I'm honored to have won twice as there are some real wits out there that do battle here on your playing field.

Mimi Lenox said...

Katherine and Linda - You are good sports with all this. It is amazing that the guys seem to always know which way the wind is blowing. Mars and Venus. Absolutely.

Bond said...

Excellent to read some of the answers again...I am proud of my wins as the competition is strong