December 4, 2006

The Dating Profiles Comeback Challenge Winner - Round FOUR!

Saturday Comeback Challenge Round 4 was fierce! Seven very funny competitors with different styles and humor. I recently heard a great comedian say "Humor is a relative concept" (wonder who that was) and he is right. What is funny to one is not necessarily funny to another. And at any given time my perception of what is funny could change - depending on my mood or simply how the prompt/question/cue reads the second time around. Nothing scientific here. I'm just after a laugh-out-loud moment. OK ! OK! Enough already...just tell us the winner, Mims.

Here are the questions and each individual contestant's answer. I have COLORED the ones that tickled my funny bone in each case. The contestant with the most tickles this week is.................But wait! Congratulations to last week's winner Epiphany Alone. Check out her blog! Click here for last week's competition.

Here we go.....finally (My sidebars are in parenthesis)

#1 Still Plays With Cars
Jan: Wanna see my Matchbox and Hotwheels collection?
Bud: But it is not Ric Ocasek. Todd Rungren is now their singer. Not the same.
Bond: And do you have a record for grand theft auto?
Ann: I didn't know you could get hairy palms from that.
Frank: Next time, play cars in the sandbox, not the litter box. Now go wash your hands.
Heather: And you wonder why you never date?
Kim: easily pleased = easily ignored

#2 I love the outdoors, yet I live in town.
Jan: And where did you say that bridge was?
Bud:  I love the indoors, yet I live in a house.
Bond: So close…the correct response was, I love the indoors, yet I live in the country!
Ann: Look behind you, see that door? Out out out.
Frank: I love to sleep under the stars. Look, there's Sandra Bullock--See Ya. ('ve been in that cave too long)
Heather: You should've moved to a town with a retractable roof. (Winner of my favorite single answer of the week._ 
Kim: sounds like you need to get out more.

#3 Kind of windy today, isn't it?
Jan: Oh that was wind. I thought you smelled funny.
Bud: So much for the weather. When is news and sports?
Bond: “As soon as you opened your mouth… yup”
Ann: And I thought you just didn’t own a hairbrush…
Frank: You've got to lay off the Tex-Mex special
Heather: No. That's just me speeding by without stopping.
Kim: hmmm and i wish the wind would blow you far far away
(That sounded so sweeet and yet so evil, Kim!...Bwahahaha...)
#4 To be big you have to think big.
Jan: To make you go can I just think gone? (I LOVE THIS ANSWER)
Bud:  I'm guessing you think small. Very small. (hA!)
Bond: And the little engine started puffing “I think I AM I think I AM I think I AM
Ann: Keep telling yourself that peewee!
Frank: Too bad they haven't invented a mental Viagra to keep those thoughts up.
Heather:If you think bigger, does that mean you are bigger?
Kim: i'd rather not be squashed, thanks

#5 Time for a Change of Male Mentality
Jan: Darn, I have female mentality already
Bud:  From stupid to brain dead is my guess.
Bond: Up until now, what mentality have you been using?
Ann: ‘If I only had a brain…’
Frank: You mean I get my Lego's back?
(So male, so typical, so Frank)
Heather: Men with multiple personalities are so hot.
Kim: uh oh, time to move on i feel. 

#6 Looking for A Good Time With the Write One
Jan: And here I am having fun being the eraser one
Bud: Check out the NaNoWriMo site. There are lots of them there.
Bond: Let me spell THIS out for you.
Ann: Got spellcheck? It does your grammar good.
Frank: Just what I need. Another Penn Pal.
Heather:And here I am without a pen.
Kim: keep the dictionary.

#7 Socially Handicapped In Need of Therapy
Jan: The Yellow Pages lists several good therapists, here's a copy of the phone book for you.
Bud:  You're a real charmer. I can't believe that you're available.
Bond: Mentally capable looking for signs of life.
Ann: The short-bus should come along any minute now.
Frank: Twelve steps is just a little too flighty.
Heather: Therapist in search of attractive sociopath...
Kim: and you think that makes you sound endearing?!

#8 Eighteen-year-old in An Old Man's Body
Jan: What a relief. I thought you were an old man in a deadman's body.
Bud: Better bring the Viagra
Bond: Is this an Alien sort of thing, because I am squeamish.
Ann: Great! A premature old-fart. Just what I always wanted.
Frank: The gal from comeback #4 is looking for you. I'll hook you up (I just got this - it's late. Quite amusing )
Heather: That's it. I'm calling Child Protective Services!
Kim: that's what they all say. your time was up a loooong time ago, Mr.

#9 Buff Searching For a Body 2 Match
Jan: I am sure Home Depot has something to help with that.
Bud:  You need a clone not a date.
Bond: It was buried in the woods where no one will find it
Ann: Here's a mirror, enjoy! (cause I sure don't) (That was cold, Ann, coooold.)
Frank: Eager searching for exits to use.
Heather: Maybe you should just try going to the gym...
Kim: i think a mirror would be your ideal companion...

#10 Looking For the Queen of My Rib
Jan: Oh, have you eaten at the "rib crib?" There's are just to die for.
Bud: Really? I'm looking for a door for my exit.
Bond: Looking for the man stuck to my shoe
Ann: You'll have to settle for a cracked rib if you don't back off.

Frank: Hi. I'm Eve of Destruction. (Ann/Frank....Mims says Stop The Violence)
Heather: Sorry, I wanted to be Princess of the Pancreas.
Kim: oh what a shame, my name's not Eve.

#11 If duck tape can't fix it, it's broke.

Jan: Darn, guess you is broke then, eh?
Bud:  Oh. That explains the duct tape on your head.
Bond: Which explains why your mouth is still moving
Ann: Quack!
Frank: You're not going to quack up on me are you?
Heather: I wondered why everything in your house is gray and sticky. (that's just icky)
Kim: oh believe me, it's quacked beyond repair
(You guys just quack me up...I so stole that from Frank)

#12 Can you rev my engine?
Jan: Not even if you paid me.
Bud: If it revs while I get sick you're in luck.

Bond: Can you eat my dust? (Cute, Bond....)
Ann: Only if you promise to crash and burn
Frank: Can you afford the gas?
Heather: No. I'm stuck in reverse.
Kim: nope, and i think you've put mine in reverse.

#13 Cranky Fat Guy in a Speedo
Jan: "W"itchy fat woman with a gun! (People! Please!)
Bud: Sometimes "Truth in Advertising" is taken too far
Bond: Nauseous and in a hurry to leave. (So true, Bond. So true)
Ann: That’s what happens when you mistake a speedo for a thong.. now go away before I crank it up further
Frank: Of course your angry Sir, but we have a Dress code here.
Heather: Put your pants on and go get some Prozac.
Kim: phwoar. what more could a girl want?! 

Congratulations, EPIPHANY ALONE! WITH 9 OUT OF 13 TICKLES, I'm predicting she won't be alone for long. Her site should start to really buzz soon with happy visitors wanting more of her brand of dry wit and silliness. This is Epiphany's second win in a row.
Tied for 2nd place: Bond (The Couch) and Bud
Thanks to all who participated! Especially newcomers Ann and Kim! The question remains.....can anyone beat Epiphany?


Bond said...

HEATHER Congrats agan....

Now, I am going back and see if i can figure out Mimi's color coding process!

Epiphany Alone said...

Thanks, Bond!

Send me a magic decoder ring if you figure it out :)