December 18, 2006

The Dating Profiles Comeback Challenge Winner - Round Six ~ Lyn Wins!

Thanks to all who participated. Round 6 was a riot!
I recently heard a comedian say...
"Humor is a relative concept" and he is right. What is funny to one is not necessarily funny to another. And at any given time my perception of what is funny could change - depending on my mood or simply how the prompt/question/cue reads the second time around. Nothing scientific here. I'm just after a laugh-out-loud moment. OK ! OK! Enough already...just tell us the winner, Mims.

Here are the questions and each individual contestant's answer. I have COLORED the ones that tickled my funny bone in each case.  The contestant with the most tickles this week is................. Here we go.....finally.

Drumroll please.

Lyn from Lyn's Last Minute Life is the declared winner. Read her funnies below! Congratulations to this funny gal! Click over to her site and give her a shout out!

#1 Looking For a Friend With Benefits

Heather: Hmm. Is that what it takes to get a dental plan these days?

Anyhow: Then go sign a membership with a bank. I'm sure they have loads of benefits.
Bud:  Looking for a moron without a clue. That's how I found you. (Bud - are you trying to make a rhyming rap song? It works. And it's funny.)Ike and Mamie: I didn’t know friends provided health insurance these days. I guess somebody does.
Lyn: Sounds like I will be needing my Health Insurance if I date you.
Lee: like health insurance, social security and senior citizen discount?

#2 Smart Like Forrest
Heather: No, no. It's "smart like rock", "fast like tree". 
Anyhow: Do you also run like him? I sure wouldn't want you to be able to catch up with me.
Bud:  Run, Forrest, Run. 
Ike and Mamie: Dumb like tree
Lyn: I think you ought to go running and think about that for awhile.
Lee: Dumb like a rock

#3 So for those of you still reading, I'll stop before this bores you
Heather: Please stop. 

Anyhow: Sorry, were you saying something?
Bud: Oops, too late. 
Ike and Mamie: Sorry. Too late. I’m already DEAD. 
Lyn: That's considerate.
Lee: Oops, too late.

#4 Are you tired of the Players, Liars and Cheats? You won't find that here

Heather: Awww. Players, Lia

rs, and Cheats are fun people.
Anyhow: And you're drop-dead gorgeous, have washboard abs and tall, dark and handsome too right?
Bud:  Coca-cola? No alcohol? Give me the sinners. Much more fun. 
Lyn: I gave up sody pop last year.
Lee: actually I was looking for trains, planes and automobiles...

#5 Nothing aggravates me more than women who put their "make-up" on before I even awake from bed in the morning

Heather: Nothing aggravates me more than a guy who sleeps until noon and then acts shocked that you've already rummaged through his sock drawer.
Anyhow: I was planning to go home with you. Guess that counts me out now does it? (Too funny)
Bud:  I’d be lying if I said I understand how this could possibly bother you. I’d also be lying if I said I’d think you’d find a date with this approach.
Ike and Mamie: Nothing aggravates me more than the men who sleep till “ noon.”
Lyn: Nothing aggravates me more than a Man who can't get his keister out of bed.
Lee: Nothing could aggravate me more than awake with you at all 

#6 Have You Hugged A Clown Today?
Heather: Yes, I'm on a steady hug-a-clown-a-day diet. 
Anyhow: No, and you're not going to be the first one this month either.
Bud:  No. I stop at a nose tweak.
Ike and Mamie: Have you goosed a mime today?
Ashley: Your mom's hugged a clown lately.
Lyn: Nothing scarier than a clown.

#7 Looking for Friends Maybe More

Heather: How many friends did you lose? Maybe they ran away? 

Anyhow: There, you found me. Now can you please get out of my way?
Bud:  You are setting the goal a bit high.
Ike and Mamie: I’m looking for punctuation.
Lyn: You can still find Friends in syndication most weekday evenings, sometimes more than one episode.

#8 If you want to be treated like a lady im your man.
Heather: I'm betting "If you want to be treated like a dog" didn't get any responses. 
Anyhow: Great! I'm 83 male, totally bald, have loads of chest hair and I love to feel like a lady while I'm in my pink bikini and G-string . (This response made me lose my breakfast.)
Bud:  I hate IM’s. Call me. E-mail me. Do not text message and do not IM.
Ike and Mamie: Were you in the same English class as the guy looking for friends maybe more?
Lyn: Should I use AIM or Yahoo IM?

#9 U and Me Goin Fishin In the Dark

Heather: How do you hook the worm?

Anyhow: Ok, just don't sue me if I gorge your eye out with my hook while casting.
Bud:  Fresh or salt water?
Ike and Mamie: Thanks! But I already have a date with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Lyn: I just want to know, what are you fishing for?

#10 I Am Lost For Words
Heather: No, honey. You're just lost. 
Anyhow: So how many words will I need to spend to get you lost?
Bud:  I am not surprised. If I find any I will send them right over to you.
Ike and Mamie: Have you tried a dictionary?
Lyn: Let's keep it that way.
Lee: I am lost in DC...again.

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