February 5, 2007

Comeback Challenge Round 13 Winner ~The Return of Supperman

Round Thirteen was a scream. Very clever answers by all eight contestants this week (including some hilarious answers by one invisible contestant named Bud. Now you see him. Now you don't.)

Feel free to post the Challenge on your site if you wish. Bud Weiser and Frank also do a great job reposting and commenting on the competition. Sometimes their comebacks to the comebacks are funnier than the comebacks. (Did that make sense?) It's a play-by-play worth reading with added humorous twists and turns. Check them out! Now, let's see who tickled my funny bone. I have a simple color-coded point system that changes like a kaleidoscope from week to week but who really cares.

But first Meet the Contestants! Don't forget to visit their sites and leave a congratulatory comment on completing this difficult competition.
They would appreciate it.

Anyhow from Superheroes Do Exist
Last Minute Lyn Former Winner and funny gal! 
Epiphany Alone ~ New Jersey ~ Last week's winner and 4x Champ of this competition
Ian Healy ~ EDog's Everything Page ~ Colorado
Daniel ~ Junkdrawer of Thought
Newcomer.....Limey from A Limey in Lime Rock

and last but never least.....Bud - The Invisible Contestant (aka Bud The Boyfriend and 3x winner of this competition)

1. A lot of water has passed under my bridge in 40 years. I have really enjoyed the passing of most of it. 

 Bud: You've been peeing off that bridge, haven't you? (Ha!) 
Anyhow: Eww. We DO have toilets you know. No wonder the river was fishless all these years.
Frank: Depends?
Lyn: Like sands through an hour glass, so are the triffling days of your life 
EpiphanyAlone: This talk of water under the bridge troubles me. I think you should lay yourself down on the nearest psychiatrist's sofa... (an appearance by Simon and Garfunkel I presume, Epiphany?)
 Ian: Do you really want to get involved with a guy who enjoys peeing this much?
 Limey: Bladder infections are not something you should ignore

2. I have a hard time ignoring my libido, I guess that needs no explanation! I'd like to find someone unfulfilled like me to share some real passion sessions with (maybe we could break some new ground...)What do you say, are you ready to let it rip?!
Bud: You won't get a date with this crap. Maybe not even a hooker. 

Anyhow: We could definitely break some new ground. How about the longest distance ever recorded between me and you? 
Frank: Hillary: Bill, what did I tell you about scoping out those dating sites?Bill: But Hillary, it's not a dating site. It's Monster dot com. I was putting in a new job add for an inter... In case you make the Presi....But, you believe me that I, I really didn't inhale that time in college. Don't you, Hill?...Hill? 
Lyn: I have a hard time ignoring your ickyness. I think your gonna stay unfulfilled.
EpiphanyAlone: Funny, I don't have a hard time ignoring your libido. 
Ian: I wouldn’t touch this guy with a full-body condom and a pressure sprayer of disinfectant. The “break some new ground” comment combined with “let it rip” makes me think he’s looking for some back door action, and that’s not a good way to launch a relationship. He’d do better with a c-note on West Colfax (that’s local humor).
Limey: Maybe we could shave your palms?

3. My closet friends describe me as s a hard worker. 
Bud: Time for your friends to leave the closet. And the say you are a hard working ass? Got it.

 Anyhow: I bet I can guess how they found out your ass was a hard worker...

Frank: And a jury of your peers describe you as guilty.
Daniel: How do they describe your as s?
Lyn: That sounds great, I'll go out dancing, and you can revamp my entire closet. Make sure you only use cedar
EpiphanyAlone: It sounds like your friends aren't the only ones in the closet. 
Ian: His ass is a hard worker? Obviously somebody needs to join his friends in coming out of the closet. Work it, baby, work it.
 Limey: My armoire acquaintances say I have "buns of steel"

4. Previously Enjoyed Man. 
Bud: To now a currently ignored man.
Anyhow: Do you still enjoy man now? I'm tanned, muscular, tall, have killer abs and handsome to boot. Please say you still enjoy man...
Frank: Once you've crossed that bridge.....
 Daniel: That sounds about as attractive as previously chewed gum.
Lyn: Throw up was previously enjoyed too, but I'm not gonna run out and get me some
EpiphanyAlone: Someone took the best and left the rest? Oooh. Catchy ad. 
Ian: But Having Issues With The Aftertaste.
Limey: Is this collectively as in 'Homo Sapiens', cos if so, neither I, nor any of my friends remember it?

5. I 'm looking for fun and fun people to have fun with. if you like to have fun i'm for you, so lets have sone fun. ask me something and i'll tell you.

Bud: Congratulations on that world record for fitting "fun" the most times in recorded history in a sentence or two.
Anyhow: Do you look as funny as you sound?
Frank: You forgot to say "Simon Says"
Daniel: Hey, I like having fun too! I can't believe we have so much in common! Tell me, do you also like to be happy? Me too!
Lyn: I'm thinking maybe you should change careers and move to Orlando. Lots of fun there with people having fun to have fun with.
EpiphanyAlone: Fun. Let me go out on a limb...you don't own a thesaurus. 
Ian: Perkiness belongs in waitresses, not in prospective dates. And somebody needs a thesaurus. “Fun” five times in thirty-two words. For shame, for shame.
 Limey: Do you think that much coffee is a good idea?Do you wear your head on backwards? "sone fun". Isn't a sone a measurement of mechanical noise pollution? What did you have in mind, listening to extractor fans?

6. Im Supperman Looking for My Lois Lane. I think Supperman returns is a great movie!)

Bud: Once they feed you I bet you return, ol' Supperman.
Anyhow: I'm sorry but I'm not a supper person. By the way, I think I saw your friend bananaman somewhere across the street.
Frank: Cliff: Norm, you're drunk again. Carla's pregnant again. The Hungry Heffer burnt down. And, here's the biggie, we were cancelled years ago.Norm: Sam, beer me.
Daniel: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, its a gluttonous, love seeking individual with poor spelling skills! 
Lyn: While Lois has a high powered reporter job, Supperman stays home and make sure she's well fed. Coming soon to a theater near you. 
EpiphanyAlone: Hi Supperman! I'm The Breakfast Bandito.
Ian: The comic book reference is cool, despite the problems with spelling and capitalization, but really…it wasn’t THAT good a movie. At least he didn’t say how much he liked The Punisher
Limey: I think she's doing a story on 'people that spend all their spare time hanging about the local food mart searching for their soul mate'.
(People DO that??!)
I thought it was too 'Art House'.... 2 hours watching an accountant in a dimly lit room at the back of the local Food Mart, tally the day's takings.
All to a continual loop soundtrack of Pink Floyd's 'Money'...... OBVIOUS

7. I am just a country boy who likes to hunt and go fishing in joy going out to eat.
Bud: Didn't I see you in "Deliverance"?
Anyhow: I'm sorry, i think you came to the wrong place, the camping equipment section is over there.

Daniel: I in joy fishing in water. 
Lyn: Hunting = joy
fishing = joy
eating out = happy happy joy joy
Simple man easy to please, priceless

EpiphanyAlone: What do you use as bait when you're fishing in joy?
Ian: “Maw! Billy done posted sumthin’ on that thar intarweb agin! He orter have a whuppin!” (silly Ian...) 
Limey: (a)Great! Just what I need..... another redneck who never comes home.
(b) Does this mean I won't have to skin and cook the possums you bring home.
(c)Who is Joy, your sister?
(d) Yes! I understand that for some, fishing is akin to a religious experience.

8. Mountain man seeking mountain momma.
Bud: Ozarks calling!
Anyhow: Yoodalie, yoodaliee, you da lame est fool...
Frank: I'm out of your range.
Daniel: You can find the phrase "mountain momma" in a John Denver song, but I doubt you will have any success finding a date
Lyn: City dweller smelling mountain man 10 minutes before he comes into view
EpiphanyAlone: Take me home, country road. (You are your father's daughter.) 
Ian: What woman HASN’T had romantic fantasies about Grizzly Adams? Oh…all of them. 
Limey: What's the matter, broken up with your sister? You might want to test the waters, before you go plunging into that gene puddle, Big Boy.

9. I'm a big fan of Live Music and will travel miles and sleep in my car to see my Favorite bands.

Bud: A Dead Head. Or brain dead, your pick.
Anyhow: I'm a big hater of losers and will travel miles and sleep in my car to get away from them.
Frank: Here's a ticket to the U2 Live aid concert in London next weekend. Better hurry!
Daniel: It's just an idea, but you might want to try doing your traveling in a car and your sleeping in a hotel.Lyn: Yeah I used to do that too, then I grew up got a job and a life. Whats taking you so long?
 EpiphanyAlone: Cool, dude. What are you going to do when your parents cut off the gravy train,take back the car, and tell you to get a job?
Ian: Translation: I’m a drummer and therefore homeless unless I have a girlfriend. (Ha!) 
Limey: Can you say....... Cheap!

10. Night to King's Biship 4th....Your Move!
Bud: My move is out the door.
Anyhow: You, to halfway across the globe.
Frank: I knew I was going to get rooked!
Daniel: Earth to you! 
Lyn: Moving right out the door.
EpiphanyAlone: Sorry, the Queen has left da building (bye Mims!). Game over. (bye!) 
Ian: Oh my God! It’s the A-V kid from 8th grade! AND HE’S STILL A NERD!!
Limey: If I find out that you live anywhere near me, I will!

2ND Place - Epiphany Alone with 11 points

A respectable showing tied for 3rd place with 9 points each:
Lyn from Last Minute Lyn's Life
Great job, everyone! Hope to see you all back next week!

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