March 12, 2007

Comeback Challenge Round 18 Winners!

This round was tough. The questions were absurb and a bit on the bizarre side. Let's hope the contestants were up for the proverbial Challenge. Let the games begin.......

My scoring system:
Turquoise = Funniest = 3 points
Green = 2 points
Yellow = 1 point
Pink = my comments
NOTE: Bud from WTIT Tape Radio is an "invisible contestant" due to conflict of interest (the boyfriend factor) but his answers are duly posted here for your comedic relief and edification.....or something like that.

Now, let's see who tickled my funny bone and won this week. Get ready to laugh...

1. I am a research scientist in a medically related field, who doctors on the side.

Anyhow: So have you found out how to make Love Potion no. 9 yet, Mr Witch Doctor?
Basiorana: That always struck me as a fun field to dabble in, too.
Bud: Which side? (Ha ha!)
Lance: In a science related field?
Lyn: Maybe you should have researched why that intro line is so creepy, I could have told you why nobody would want to play doctor with you.
Lexa: hey Dr. Frankenstein, allow me to introduce you to Count Dracula below.
Ian: He doctors as a HOBBY? You know, if I'm going to let somebody remove myappendix, I'd really rather it was someone who's at least taken theHippocratic Oath.
Sp1nners: You need to research that herpes cold sore on your face and doctor thyself

2. I do prefer darker woman,...(ex..African American, Spanish,..etc.) Having a darker tan at min is even acceptable. Ghostly skin makes me feel like I'm dating a vampire or someone that never left her fruit cellar.

Maybe the guy above you can help. He might have a skin-altering concotion or even some skin grafting procedures that would help.
Basiorana: How unfortunate for you, as it seems likely that you need a woman who never left her wine cellar.
Bud: You figured darker women don’t know who they are? They need examples?
Lance: I'm a Caucasian in Canada, I'm out!
Lyn: So your last date hid in the fruit cellar to get away from you? Not something I would brag about.
Lexa: dark meat only is bad for your cholesterol count
Ian: Sounds like someone was traumatized by his albino third grade teacher.

Sp1nnerz: I prefer a brighter mate, Ghastly skin makes me feel like I'm dating a moron.

3. My Dog Says I Need To Get Out More

Anyhow: Schizophrenia can be cured you know. Visit your nearest Phyciatrist for more details.
Basiorana: Maybe you need a dating adviser who doesn't introduce himself to girls by sniffing their butts. (And does anyone else think they need more undead dating sites out there?)
Bud: If you even bore your dog, good luck with the dating thing.
Lance: Perhaps you could visit the planetarium, no, I think you have
Lyn: When the dog starts giving you advice you should listen to him. Just do so somewhere else.
Lexa: That speaks volumes about the scent of your carpets and floors.
I suppose that's better than your dog saying you need to go kill peoplein the name of Satan.
Sp1nnerz: Even he no longer wants to sniff your smelly butt

4. Hopless Romantic Looking For Same

Anyhow: I'm sorry but I don't think any of us go by the name 'Same'.
Basiorana: Oh, that's mean. Amputees are people too... well, 80% of a people.
Bud: No rabbits or ‘roos need apply
Lance: My mind runs vulgarly, trying to decipher what you mean by "hopless"!
Viagra or a wheelchair solves the problem?
Lyn: I was really looking for someone who was skipless or trotless, hopless just doesn't do anything for me.
Lexa: to jump off bridge together
Ian: Dude, your beer tastes funny. Are you sure you have the right recipe?
What do you call a guy with no arms and legs....oh, sorry!

5. I Am Ready to Settle Down and Get Merried.

What's the matter? Doesn't your mama want you anymore?
Basiorana: Nothing like a bit of merriment. Ale, anyone?
Sorry, I don’t share my Smirnoff.
Lance: Yehoo a nother hillbilly!!! I most certainly will merry you! Do you
have a picture

Lyn: Your application to join Robin Hood's Band of Merry Men has been turned down. Do not apply again.
Lexa: how about going for a coffee first? yeah, I guess you're right, courtship is grossly overrated. NOT!
Ian: You can do that with Bachelor #4's special blend.
Sp1nnerz: Finally, you came out of the closet. We already knew

6. My life has been full of trials and trumps.

Anyhow: Sorry, I don't date hardcore poker players.
Basiorana: And you thought a job as the Donald's lawyer would ensure you a full dating schedule...
Bud: Let’s see. Either you are a lawyer who plays cards or a complete moron. I’m guessing moron. Right?
Lance: WHAT? You should never trump in court, trump in privet convict!
Lyn: If you were a defendant in all those trails, your way too much drama for me. Guess your card playing improved in the Big House?
Really, you did it with "the Donald"!?
Ian: Ivana?
Bummer...check please

7. Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

If you're planning to pinch some of the food from my BBQ pit you'd better think again buster.
Basiorana: Okay, fine, but for future reference, when women tell you to jump in a lake, you don't have to listen. I'll get some towels.
Bud: You can never quote Hendrix enough. VERY romantic.
Lance: That could be taken in many different ways; toilet humor, sexual,
barbequing,but I suggest looking at the other taglines first, next time you update (sexual barbequing? )
your profile. Personally I'm scared, you could be a cannibal! Or pyromaniac!
Lyn: Only if I can throw you in it.
Lexa: You're going to need to light it first!
Because he's cold and homeless. And smells kind of like cabbage.
Sp1nnerz: Move a little closer please, we're roasting weenies

8. I'll be the Cuckoo in your Cocoa Puffs

Anyhow: I'd rather not make my Cocoa Puffs taste like crap thank you.
Basiorana: Okay, Cap'n Crunch, you need to get a Life; I can see how you get your Kix, but I think you'd best get a Smart Start and back off before you get some Smacks. You'll need to bring your Lucky Charms next time if you ever hope to see some Trix. (very clever)
Bud: I'm betting you’d be nuts anywhere.
Lance: Cuckoo: (cuc-ko-o) A word used by pathetic college computer geeks on
internet dating sites, often thought to enhance intelligence and social ranking.
Associated with cocoa puffs cereal, insane asylums, and farms.
Lyn: Silly Rabbit, you already are.
Lexa: get outta my breakfast cereal or you'll end up Shredded Wheat!
Ian: "Waiter, there's a moron in my cereal!"
Sp1nnerz: Cool and I'll be the Psycho in your shower
(Stop the violence....can't we all just get along? tee hee..

9. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can balance my checkbook.

I'd still rather go with the knife. If I wanted something that could balance stuff, I'd get a pet seal.
Basiorana: Oh, wow. Seeeeeeeeeexy.
Bud: All those years of counting on your fingers finally paid off. Good for you!
Lance: That being your best pickup line, does you checkbook balance on your
head or your library?
Bet your Momma's awful proud.
Lexa: that does not win you a date nor a place in my kitchen and I already have a good accountant.
Ian: Hey, the sun shines even on a baboon's butt some days, Einstein.
Sp1nnerz: Can you balance your knife on your nose? I'll hold the checkbook.

10. Looking For a Real Woman Who Knows Her Place

Anyhow: I think most women do. It's as far away from you as possible.
As in, not with you.
Bud: Congratulations. You have won “Most pathetic dating headline of all time.” I hope you enjoy being alone.
Lance: The lyrics to a song by
Jimmy Buffett come to mind...

Where you always born an asshole or did you work at it you whole life?
Lyn: I do know my far away from you as I can get.
looking for a place man who knows if it's real
Ian: Famous last words: "Woman, git back in thet thar kitchen and make me aturkey pot pie! Wait, whatcha doin' with that griddle?"
Unlike the fake one you inflate each night?

Ian Healy from EDog's Everything Page takes 1st place with 15 points!
A close second by Spinnerz from My Life As We Think I Know It with 14 points.
Newbie Lexa Rosean from Sejant Before the Muse with 10 points takes 3rd place.
(closely followed by Lyn with 9 points)


FoxxFyrre said...

Had computer trouble all weekend. I did do a comeback post though. From a different perspective to see what would happen.

ian said...


That's three, youse guys. I'm gonna start talking real smack pretty soon if you all don't step up and bring it. Come on, you gonna take this from me? Who got game? It hurts, lemme tell ya, it hurts being this good.

Now if that doesn't get somebody's comeback challenge going...Show me the love! Show me your "A" game!


Don't you wish you were me? :D

Round 18: 1st
Round 17: 3rd
Round 16: 1st
Round 14: 3rd (tie)
Round 13: 1st

Turnbaby said...

AHA--it was Ian who conspired with Delta and the Atlanta airport to keep me out of the competition this week.Game on!!!

Congrats btw ;-)

Lexa Roséan said...

ha ha that was fun!