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I have put pen to paper since I was seven years old. I am a writer, a passionate peace blogger, classically trained musician, and budding author. When I discovered the world of blogging and wrote my first web post in 2006, I knew it was a perfect match. Not a day goes by without a story to tell. But that’s not all I do. As Creator and Founder of Blog4Peace, an online global peace initiative which hosts 214 countries and has been celebrated by thousands of people online, I’ve come to understand the enormous significance and influence of blogs and websites on our society, our consciousness, and on this planet now deemed a global society.

So what of this silly blog called Dating Profile of The Day? It was launched way before I wrote my first blog post back in 2006. When I’m not writing serious and semi-serious prose on my main blog, Mimi Writes  I’ve found that writing this frivolously zany blog is challenging and a most welcome tickle to my funny bone. It is stress relief and life-lessons in human behavior all at the same time!

If you think hilarious and strange things can’t be found on the Internet, think again.
Most of the men I find peeking out from the little boxes on online dating sites are well-meaning, kind, and simply looking for long and short-term relationships. They’re just like you and me.
Sincere people using the Internet to enhance their personal lives.

Then there are these.

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