January 18, 2007

The winner is.....Rebel Without A Clue

Saturday Comeback Challenge Round 10 ended with a bang - and a tie. And a headache. (but in a good way). I've decided next week to employ (or beg) the services of a Guest Blogger Judge. Stay tuned......

1st place: STARRLIGHT of Here Comes a Storm In The Form Of A Girl
2nd place: Bud from WTIT
3rd place: Ian from EDOG's Everything Page

Bachelor said: My favorite colors are black and chrome. Looking for a back. Wanna ride?
Starrlight responded: Yeah Baby Yeah! Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway. Seriously, what is your biker name? Rebel Without A Clue?

Bud responded: You might need a chiropractor. And I'll just walk, thanks for the offer, though.

Ian responded: I don't think it's legal to marry a horse anymore, even if you bring your own saddle.
P.S. I know the tie-breaker was difficult. What else would you expect?!


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch. And a judge to find.....

1 comment:

Starrlight said...

Woot! Thanks for letting me play Mimi!