November 2, 2006

And the Dating Profile Comeback Challenge winner is........

The undefeated champ - 
The Comeback King.
  I recently challenged my readers to spar with me and one another in a 'best comeback contest.' I promised the winner a post in their honor showcasing their answers. So here it is. Bud's answers were very funny and I hereby crown him the winner! Read all of the crazy headlines and Bud's answers below. Congratulations.

P.S. And another reason he deserves to be King......He sent in a Peace Globe. 

"I'm not cynical. I'm just experienced."
I guess you expect bad things to happen to you. You should.

"Someone to hold on too."
Threesomes are ssoooo 90’s.

"Lost on the road not taken"
Please stay lost."

Big men need love too."
Really. Let’s meet for a crate of Twinkies.

"Looking for a wifee."
How wovey, dovey.

"Back in play"
I don’t much care for theater. But good luck with it.

People who play together stay together."
I assume then you’ve never played."

Straight up no bull##it. Everything's new."
Everything’s new except the bulls##t. Anyone who writes that must be really good at it.

"I'm hopping to make new freinds."
Then it is good that I am a kangaroo."

Let's go fly a kite together."
Dude, you go fly a kite."

Me needum. You gotum?"
Tonto, go home. The masked man is lonely.

"Let's go get a great tan all over."
Who brings the toothpicks to spread the toes?

"Rome wasn't built in a day."
It only took 6 days for the earth. It took 15 minutes for Rome.

"Crash into me."
Why, do you have really good insurance?

"Forest needs Jenny."
Jungle needs Jane.

"Tired of the bar seen."
Take the path less chosen and the bar less seen.

”If you make a cow laugh, will milk come out its nose”
There are too many good cow comedians already. Take a cow to the show. Then get back to anyone but me.

Congratulations to the winner!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mimi. It was a lot of fun. Your whole concept of commenting on dating profiles is incredibly funny. I was happy to contribute.

And will again, ever asked.


Bobby Griffin said...

Rerun Sunday comin at ya!