December 29, 2006

Please Donut Do That

Sorry for the delay, folks.

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge for hours. It was on the eleven o'clock news last night. Did you see it?
"Woman in Pencil Skirt Attempts Jump From Famous Bridge" .....Fortunately, a level-headed friend from New England talked me down, rescuing New Years' plans for thousands of stranded travelers who'd been watching this spectacle.

The only thing that saved me from drowning in a sea of weary motorists and exhaust induced euphoria in the Bronx were these words.....I kept hearing them over and over...

"Please donut do that.....please doNUT do that.....puleeazxe...l

And then I had an epiphany.


She's waiting to be crowned Saturday Challenge Comeback Winner -
I can't jump now.


That was her answer to the tiebreaker question - a battle she waged with her father last week in this competition - both waiting patiently for Miss Hysteria to return from her trip (and the brink of extinction) and announce the winner.

Here are their answers - both hysterical - but only one worthy of winning.
And I have chosen the one that saved Yours Truly from becoming fish bait.

The question:

"I want to glaze into your eyes.

Heather's answer: "Please donut do that."

Thanks, Epiphany!

Please visit her blog -
Epiphany Alone -and congratulate her today!
It's her third win!

I'll be back later with another charming bachelor for your perusal and edification and a fresh competition tomorrow. But first - I have to clean a few food stains from my pencil skirt. Who knew New Yorkers had such perfect aim when provoked?


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Congratulations to Epiphany! And to Heather as well. Glad you didn't jump. Enjoy New England!

Anonymous said...

Very clever comeback-Please donut do that. Hope you are enjoying your vacay. Hope even more I get to hear all about it.