October 8, 2006

100 Crazy Hilarious Dating Profile Headlines

Over the weekend I posted my 100th bachelor on Dating Profile of the Day. Since June, 2006 this site has grown tremendously in readership and interest - thanks to YOU - my faithful readers.
THANK YOU so much for visiting each day and sending me those I-laughed-out-loud comments. That's what keeps me going! I LOVE COMMENTS and hope you will continue to leave them.

I've created a convenient link post today to the 100 bachelor stories starting with Bachelor #1. I'm having trouble getting the mini poll installed right now but you can click on the links below to review - if you're in the mood for love, that is.

LEAVE A COMMENT casting a vote for your favorite bachelor. It's that simple. I will tally them and reveal the winner.

 Thanks again. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I vote for # 15

Nate Smith

Anonymous said...

I vote for #74, "Mr. Hy-Gene".

:) Congrats on your 100th [in]eligible bachelor!

Lizza said...

Wow, Mimi! It's so hard to choose just one. I need a bit more time with this. I'll cast my vote, I promise!

Lizza said...

Okay, my vote is in. Most of them are hilarious, but I choose #17. The Dally Lama guy. Brings to mind an image of a Tibetan sheep with big boobs. A most unsavory thought. :-)

Orhan Kahn said...

You've done an awesome job Mimi, keep it up and I'll keep visting.

Anonymous said...

I liked Allergic to Online Dating & 30 Days Free Trial lol