September 26, 2006

Bachelor #86 Bored Games

"I love a romantic setting such as playing chess or anything in front of a fire with wine or champagne looking at each other."

Just curious.
Must they be relegated to making googly eyes at each other all night while Toasty Tom has all the fun? "Shhh!! Stop that raucous giggly-eyed glass gazing and calm down over there, would ya? I'm trying to make the moves on Chesster."

And just why aren't Char-Char-Chardonnay and Charlie Champagne allowed to play skip-over-the Queen by the fire?

I said "Hush!" ..Do you think I care that the dish ran away with the spoon?"
"No, you may not come sit with me by the fire. You've had nothing to drink - either one of you - and you're chalked full to the brim with alcohol! And to think I almost invited hopScotch."

What would a glass of Chardonnay say to his bubbly-wubbly anyway?

'What's a nice smoothie like you doing in an ad like little vixen elixir.'

'Excuse me, but is your glass half empty or hall full?'
I'm looking for a full frothy relationship myself.....what's that?'

How dare you! My mother warmed me about your vintage.
I do not want to see your bottom.

'Don't get fresh-off-the-vine with me. I should have known not to go glass cruisin' with you. Those Napa Valley types are nothing but trouble.
Something is just not ripe here.'

I'm in such a silly mood.


Orhan Kahn said...

Reading that made me feel I was on acid.

WanderingGirl said...

A) Since when is chess romantic? Chess gives me a headache, and makes me hate whoever's idea it was to play.

B) The idea of wine and champagne looking at each other is hi-larry-ass. This dude needs some serious work on comma placement. Wait, maybe we should start with basic things first.

Bazza said...

Let's face it, Mimi; it's poor spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation that really winds your watch, isn't it! Talk about 'pick up the baton and run with it'; you really let your imagination run wild on this one! (I must try to use less exclamations!!! and semi-colons;;; I think I'm addicted.)

Nicole said...

Fun post! I should have read it last night when I was in a silly mood.

Mimi Lenox said...

orhan....I'm sorry to be responsible for your flashback.

Mimi Lenox said...

wanderinggirl.....I found myself humming Be Our Guest from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast while I was writing it.

Mimi Lenox said...

Nicole....Thanks for stopping in! It's necessary to be silly sometimes. Don't you agree?