August 24, 2006

Bachelor #35 "Looking for a Horse Woman"

This caption just jumps out at ya ----doesn't it? 

His woman-wish-list: Green-eyed physical beauty and must be mentally stable. (Keep reading. You'll soon realize why that's important.) "I'm a country boy," he writes "with horses and other animals. I am a little tired of communicating with languages other than we, human uses."
(See, I told you.) There's more...

"Must be feminie yet she can work in the heat and humidity with the animals on the farm. Or, she can get out in the cold morning, breaking ice on the water tub." (Wasn't that a Goldie Hawn movie?) He insists that she have red hair with green eyes but will date only Hispanic women.

Just as I try to rewind and erase the Green Acres tapes running through my brown-eyed head (couldn't he tell??) I realize that he has checked the eye color preference box as ANY and adds, "I'm a Christian but will only date a Buddhist."


Anonymous said...

C'mon. This has got to be a bogus ad, don't you think? Are people really that dim? Well, maybe they are. Funny stuff.

Reeholio said...

It's a small blogging world Mimi. I was just perusing Bestest Blog and saw that you won Bestest Blog of the day. Congratulations. You deserve it!

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi GEM ...yes, I think people sometimes post bogus ads just for kicks, but in this case, I doubt it. I've read enough of these to pick the absent-minded from the mindless. He was both,bless his heart. I hope he finds that redheaded woman!

Mimi Lenox said...

RHYS! Thank you!
I'm beginning to like the quaint feel of this blogworld life. As you know, being named Bestest Blog speeds up the process considerably. We should all thank Bobby Griffin, and others (like Lizza, and GEM'S Blog, and your sites, too) for unselfishly uplifting and encouraging fellow bloggers. It's AWESOME. I am honored to be amongst such pioneering bloggers.