September 4, 2006

Bachelor #55 Mr. Dependable

Hope springs eternal.

After reviewing the last 54 prospects including, but unfortunately not limited to camera shy dudes who talk to themselves and disabled hunters with scary dogs, THIS guy is beginning to look attractive to me. In fact, I have his profile on speed dial.

He writes, "Some say that I can be down right boring. That may be true. But that's who I am. So if you are looking for someone steady as a rock. Give it a try."

Hmmm.....he's admittedly boring (that's a minus) but he doesn't play video games and veg out by the pool table (that's a plus). He didn't use the dreaded cuddle word (a good thing)....and didn't mention walking on a beach or being an outdoorsy guy ( a true dating site anomaly).

Excuse me. I have a call to make. I'll let you know how it goes with Steady Eddy.


Bazza said...

Noooooo! You are way too good for him!

Mimi Lenox said...

The pickins are slim, Bazza, the pickins are slim. What in the world is Mimi going to do??
Oh dear. I've started to speak in third person.