September 16, 2006

Bachelor # 71 A little punctuation goes a long way.

Run-on sentences can get you in trouble. He simply forgot the comma and/or capitalization, therefore, it reads like this.

"my son means the world to me. in my spare life is the most important thing to have."

(in his spare time, of course)


Bazza said...

Hi Mimi, I have just added links from my blog to both of yours.
ps: This is another good one. I am now relying on you for a daily chuckle!

Bazza said...

Hi Mimi. I'll gladly give you my opinion but it's certainly not 'professional'! I have thought exactly the same thing as you about people not scrolling down but I thought "Hold on, who am I blogging for? Myself or the blogosphere?". I started out on a journey of self-discovery but I soon realised this was self-deluding: Now, I have my audience in mind. This is not pretentious, it's just that I want people to read and enjoy my posts. I try to have a few stored up as drafts to post when I am busy. If you don't do that it might be a good idea to store some up. They don't have to be topical do they? I know people have short attention spans these days so I never post a very lengthy item. On balance I would say, if you've got enough material to post two a day and if that's what you want to do - go for it!