June 20, 2006

Bachelor # 2 "I tie my own flies"

I had to consult more than Webster for this one.

Location: Spring Lake, NJ
Age: 64
Dating Site: YooHoo

Tying flies? This is supposed to attract me? Not sure exactly what kind of personal hobby this entailed, I decided to investigate. Google....Froogle....they know my IP by heart at this point, .."Hey guys, it's that serial dater from Mars again. She wants to know about fly fishing." My magic potion worked. Voila. Http://www.flydepot.com
answers all my fishing needs. After all, we are talking about how to hook a ....a....fish, right?


Bazza said...

Personally I prefer a zip.

Mimi Lenox said...

I can't even believe he said that...