August 20, 2006

Bachelor #24 Freud would be proud

Context is everything.
Almost every sentence in his essay is followed by LOL. Here's your sign.

Seen lovingly petting his Corvette, he writes, "I do like to play around so don't take me too seriously."
Not much chance of that, I'd say. Can you think of a worse place to include that sentence ANYWHERE than in a dating profile??! There should be red flags flying from the antennae of that red convertible.
This doesn't even qualify for a slip.

Buried in the middle of his one long run-on sentence essay, he goes on to say that he's already done lots of things in his life and nothing much impresses him anymore "except maybe you" (oh the pressure)........and "I'm just looking for a loving, caring lady who doesn't expect much out of life except someone to love her." (oh the Corvette payments) What was that I said about a flashing red, I mean sign?

He concludes by describing our first dream date: "We can go to dinner, a movie, and sporting event to start and then you can think of something I'm game."

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