September 7, 2006

Bachelor #62 Man's Best Friend

Hailing from Canada, this 38-year-old veterinarian writes,

"I am laid back and loyal. Also, I have a dog. 
If he likes you, you might have a shot."

But I've had my shots.


Melanie said...

Heheee!Mimi, you got me rofl. Love your wit and sarcasm!
maybe you should try writing scripts in case you dont already!

Anonymous said...

At least he's funny in the Hey-Hoser-McKenzie-brothers kind of way. Remember them?

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks, Melanie. I love your comments! I appreciate them very much and they make me want to keep writing. Hope you are having a great weekend!
P.S. I have written scripts for local events but would love to reach a wider audience. Know any producers?? lol