September 3, 2006

Bachelor #54 He's Got Game

Pete, from Indiana, has an unusual requirement for his lady love. It's touching.

"I seldom miss a Cowboys game on Sundays, but am in need of someone with cable or dish to watch the Monday night games with now. Other than that, 5 channels of tv is more than enough for me."

And what will we do the other five nights of the week? Well......he lists darts, pool and dirt racing. I have a feeling pool has nothing to do with a jacuzzi and darts are just well........pointless.
He races n the dirt? WHY??!

Then a stunning confession. (No, he's not metrosexual. Darn the luck. He could have won a few points with me if he smells good). But he does confirm my suspicion that he is clairvoyant and spiritually in tune with his remote.

After listening to Jeff Foxworthy there’s a strong chance that I might be a redneck.

I'd lay odds any day, my friends.
Where are my migraine pills?


Anonymous said...

Mims-- I can't believe you are not going to follow up with this guy! What a catch!

Don said...

Oh, he's a catch, all right - catch of the day. Slimy, smelly, wet and only getting more gross as the day goes on... Seriously, would you want to gut 'im, fillet 'im 'n' fry 'im up anytime soon?