August 18, 2006

Bachelor #22 "Your search is over"

Finally, someone with confidence! I'm intrigued.
Age: 52
Location: Seattle

A self-proclaimed prince-of-a-guy, he proceeds to describe the qualifications it will take to become his woman. "Seeking a smart and witty lady who should be naughty and nice. She should be able to have a loving, caring, romantic feeling for her guy."
Feeling adventurous, I decide to click on the "ask me for my photo" link.

I really need to curb that curious streak of mine.

He is a shirtless, completely tattooed, very thin, skinhead.
Agnostic, but goes to church.
"I don't know what I'm looking for but I hope when I find it it has been looking for me as well. If I have rang your bell give me a shout."

Class dismissed


Serena said...

It. He said "it."

Ladies, Gents, Cats, Dogs, Lizards, Aliens, Innanimate objects, whatever. Whatever it is, he'll know when it finds him. Until then, all bets are open!

Mimi Lenox said...

Yes, I noticed the "it" factor. Very strange!