July 26, 2008

Bachelor #306
If you want the slap of reality, you have found it here."

One hundred and seventy-eight slaps of reality came before you.

Stand in line.

Body Parts Still Work

I Tie my Own Flies

2,416 Time is The Charm

Father of the Year

Is a Full Set of Teeth That Important?

Life Is Just Too Cool To Do Alone

I Would Sweep You Off Your Feet But......

I Want You to Look Good On My Arm

Flawed Man Seeking Imperfect Woman

Sheridan From Mississippi

Got a Comb?

Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Beerholder

I Like to Kiss My Dog

I Still Want Magic But A Party Favor Would Sometimes Work

No Room In the Inn?

I Don't Claim to Be the Dally Lama of Love

I Dance Like a Scared Octopus

I Liketo Cuss But Always Try to Be Respectful

Mr. Excitement

John Dear

Your Search Is Over

Name That Sport

Freud Would Be Proud

Prepositional Propositions

I Can Be Shallow If I Try

Present Tense Baggage Alert

A Keen Sense of ....of....

Cafe Au Lait

Frankly, My Dear....

Lonely and Looking For Someone To Spend

Hello. I Live With My Ex-Wife and 3 Teenage Children

Looking For a Horse Woman

I'm a One Women Man

I'll Get You My Pretty, and Your Little.....

G-Rated Justice

I'm OK. You're OK.

Your Mama never Told you this Fairy Tale

I Think Most People Are Basically Good, If Only Deep Down

Looking To Take It Real Slow

Chatty Charlie

Love That Ocean Spray

If You're Looking For a Mama's Boy...

Never Been In a Bad Relationship, Just Ones that Broke Apart


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Slap 'em silly, Your Highness.

Mimi Lenox said...

That made me giggle.

Dragonfly said...

Offering physical abuse? Well, there are some that would go for it. (Not me).