September 16, 2006

Welcome to Scarlett Sundays: Scarlett Arrives

This just in on the AP news wire. "Freelance writer from America, Mimi Lenox, lands exclusive blog interview with Scarlett O'Hara."

Good thing I have those questions ready.

We've scheduled a press conference for tomorrow at the O'Henry Hotel downtown Savannah - the buggy lanes have changed a bit since 1861 but I'm sure she'll figure it out - and I am so excited.

Scarlett is my hero.
The definitive feminine authority on men.

She recently wrote to tell me that she'd been following my blog and would like to clear up a few things.

She thinks I'm confused.

"Why can't you find a beau?" she asked me. "I lived on a plantation in northern red clay Georgia in the middle of a war and managed to marry 3 times.
What's your problem??!"

"It's not me, Scarlett. It's the men."

"I can see this is gonna take a lot of work," she said. "Hold that thought. I'll see you in Savannah....and by the way, will James Bond be there?"

"No, Scarlett. I'm afraid not."


I hung up. She was busy arguing with housekeeping about her linens. "You just can't get good help these days!" she yelled.
I hope she's in a better humor tomorrow.

I'll let you know how the interview goes or you can watch it on the Free Speech segment of Katie Couric's news show - if CNN doesn't pick it up first.

Stay tuned.
For further background on the late great Scarlett O'Hara and her connection to yours truly, click


Lizza said...

Ooh, can't wait for the next installment! Good questions (though I've never heard about the rumor you mentioned in Question #4).

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Lizza! You never heard that rumor? Good. That makes it even better.
Good to see you today.
By the do I get my half-face picture to show up with comments?

WanderingGirl said...

I can't wait to see how many mules a sister is worth. I mean, really, with all the inflation that's taken place, I should get a herd for mine.

Lizza said...

Hi Mimi. Go to your Blogger dashboard, click on the "Settings" tab, click on "Comments" under that, and choose "Yes" next to "Show profile images on comments" near the bottom of the page.

Aye, that lovely half-face should grace your comments!