December 8, 2006

The Dating Profiles Saturday Comeback Challenge (Round 5)

Last week's winner: Epiphany Alone ~ again!
Can ANYONE outwit her? Give it a try. I dare you.
(Click here for last week's competition)

The Rules:
1. I've posted ten headlines and/or essay snippets below. Write a comedic response to any or all of these. The more you can answer, the better your chance of winning.
2. You have until midnight Monday to send in your answers.
3. I try to keep this as family-friendly as possible without sacrificing humor. I won't post inappropriate or sexually explicit responses.
Subtle is good! Otherwise, I get unwanted attention from sites I'd rather not attract. Just look through previous competitions if you're not sure where/how to cross the line. Say what you want to say - just find a way to leave out certain words.
4. CHANGE: Send your responses to me via email,
NOT through the comment function. That way, no one sees anyone's answers until all have finished creating a comeback. This makes for a better competition and full of surprises too!
5. I will announce the winner in Tuesday's post. You will get a link back to your site and a permanent place in my sidebar as a former winner.
#1 I'm a former model so talk dark and handsome usually applies...unless ive been out of the gym for a couple weeks.

#2 If there's no wind, fly a kite together!

#3 My best feature is my sense of humor, I find almost everything funny, and will jump in with, sometimes inappropriate, comments.

#4 My momma said girls are da devil.

#5 ...I DO NOT like fakes and/or liars, so if you are either, please do NOT contact me

#6 I am the kind of guy who has spent his whole life dating younger women because of immaturity. I have realized this and want to change.
I like working on my hotrod and bike when the time allows.

#7 Let's get happy together

#8 I just like to meet new people because the old people have started to rot.

#9 My feeling on love-at-first-sight is it can happen its rare butt you can find it .

#10 I really don't have any problem finding a one night stand,but finding a good woman is really hard to find

Good luck!


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

when is the deadline?

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

oh . . . .just saw it --- same deadline as The Style Invitational of the Wash. Post, which you might like.