August 4, 2007

Saturday Comeback Challenge Round 35 ~
Throw Another Ken On the Barbie

Please tell me he didn't say that.
Yes, he did.
I so want to date him. Don't you?

The Challenge is full of such weirdness this week. I search out the most bizarre headlines and profile snippets I can find. That usually doesn't take too long. Dating sites are not for the faint-hearted. They're not even for people who seriously want to find a date. Depressing, but true.

Here's how the game works:

. I've posted ten headlines and/or essay snippets below. Spelling errors are from original profiles and not my own. Write a comedic response to any or all of these.
2. You have until 11:59 pm MONDAY EDT to send in your answers via email. Type "Saturday Comeback Challenge" in the subject line and include the name and url of your blog.
3. I try to keep this as family-friendly as possible without sacrificing humor. I won't post inappropriate or sexually explicit responses. Subtle is good!
4. I will announce the winner in Wednesday's post. You will get a link back to your site, a permanent place in my sidebar, and a winner's badge for your blog --plus untold fame and glory! (Mostly untold) Spelling errors from original profiles and not my own.

Need inspiration? Click here for last week's Challenge. The answers were hysterical.
Now let's play!

1. I used to consider my ideal match had to be some what taller or some what shorter, but that has lowered on my importance scale.

2. Just need fun and a friend, A date would due!!

3. Throw another ken on the barbie.

4. No visible tatoos that I am aware of.

5. Ever wanted to cuddle next to a tiger?

6. I enjoy hanging out with friends both at home and out at variety of advents.

7. My dog's method of peeing on trees to find a girl ain't working

8. My You Have Lovely Hair

9. Heaven Bound Looking for Green Light

10. Does this profile make me look fat?

Tie-Breaker: What Would Scooby Doo?

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Pawlie Kokonuts said...

I wish I had an imagination to apply to this.