January 4, 2007

The Dating Profiles Comeback Challenge Winner - Round 8

Hi folks! We have a bit of a twist to this week’s Comeback Challenge. We would have explained this when the questions were posted, but there were a few logistics to work out. To start with I am not Mimi Lenox. I am your guest host of the “Dating Profiles of the Day” blog. I am also the guest judge. My name is Bud Weiser and for those of you who might not know me, I am the author of the WTIT Tape Radio Blog. I have won this Comeback Challenge twice on my own and tied with Frank Honk ’n’ Hollr fame once. Epiphany Alone is the current champ and has won three times as well. In the effort of full disclosure, she is my daughter.

We came up with this idea so that Mimi might enter her own contest. She has not seen any of your answers and I am the only judge here. I promise I have not taken into account any friendships or relations here. I wrote all ten questions and yes, I know they were tough. Sorry for the late post today, but Mimi is returning from her New England vacation and I am getting things back together because I had company over the New Year’s holiday. Mimi would say now, “I have colored the ones that tickled my funny bone.” I will use blue for best, red for second best. Let’s go!

1. Have hair everywhere you want it, and nowhere you don't.
Linda: Just by using the Mr. Miyagi "Wax-On/Wax-Off" Hair Removal System

Mimi: Tag. You're IT.
Epiphany: Does not discriminate against the hirsuit...good to know.
Lyn: Somehow, I'm not confident that you could accurately discern where hair would be desirable.

2. I smell good and eat healthily.
Linda: (no answer)
Mimi: I smell snow and eat lobster.Epiphany: Did you have to pay people to smell you or did they volunteer?
Lyn: So that bathing thing is working for you?

3. I am fairly bright. I'm continually learning. I could get smarter.

Linda: Perhaps the smartest thing to do would be to stop speaking before you regress completely.
Mimi: I am fairly certain it's time for a bulb change. 
Epiphany: Why don't you get back to me on that?
Lyn: Let us know when you do..

4. I hope to find a partner would share my love and enjoyment of exploring the backwards roads.
Linda: Just how many times did you watch "Deliverance"?
 Mimi: Walk This Way
Epiphany: Look out for that...oh, never mind. Too late.
Lyn: Sounds like a plot for a slasher movie waiting to happen.
5. Can you handle sexy, educated and smart (but somewhat heavy)?
Linda: That's a rather weighty question
Mimi: Can you handle rejection?
: Oh! By handle you mean love handles, right? That's almost cute.

Lyn: Sexy and heavy, be still my beating heart.

6. Honest Man with tainted past.
Linda: Seeks someone to dye for! 
Mimi: Confused Man with Selective Memory.
Epiphany: Hmm. But you're not lying now?
Lyn: no answer

7. I’m looking to find someone who will enjoy just staying around the house.

Linda: To watch the kids while I go out dancing.
 Mimi: Peek-A-Boo
Epiphany: Oooh. Wow. Now, that sounds stimulating.
Lyn: Maybe you should hire a maid, I hear they stay till its clean anyway.

8. In my spare time I travel to other places and go diving with sharks.
Linda: How do you like being a Circuit Court attorney? 
Mimi: In my spare time I travel to other places and go diving for lobster heads and stuffed clams.
Epiphany: So you're not looking for a long-term relationship.
Lyn: That's so romantic.

9. To start I’m an old fashion romantic at heart who was left out in the cold 4 years ago.
Linda: That's a long time to stand outside.
Mimi: Let me find my blowtorch.
Epiphany: Why don't you have a spare key under your doormat like everybody else

Lyn: I have to wonder how bright you are. Took you 4 years to come in out of the cold?

10. Short, pudgy guy with no discernible income and acne scars, but nice and a family guy.
Linda: Uncle Festus, is that you?? 
Mimi: Beauty is only thin deep.
Epiphany: Let me go out on a limb here, you work in advertising??
Lyn: Well at least it looks like you had one job, Goalie for a Dart's Team.

This was a tough one, all the way around. But I gave 2 points for blue and one for red. By the slimmest of margins: We have a first time entry winning! Linda of Are WeThere Yet? as this week’s winner. Congratulations Linda! (mouseski.blogspot.com) Honestly it was easier for me to just enter. Hosting and judging is just too stressful for me. I’ll stay over at The WTIT Blog and try to just answer the questions. This is Bud assuring you that Mimi Lenox will be back I promise. Thanks for stopping by “Dating Profiles of the Day”.

We will return!


Mimi Lenox said...

Congratulations, Linda! Great answers. Hope to see you here again!

Linda said...

Thank you very much, I'm very surprised that I won and honored at the same time! I will definitely be back to particpate again as I just love a snappy comeback and you've got some great ones here!

Thank you also for the great addition to my blog, I'm going to post my "award" prominently and give a link back to this page to let others know about it!