September 29, 2008

Bachelor #318
The Other L Word

Mr. "Proceed With Caution" writes...

"Lust and Like are good words. The other "L" word takes some time to actually pronouce for me. ........Looking for a woman who likes simular t.v. shows, knows how to dance, you know the really important stuff. Are you getting this or are you a blonde ? No offense to you blondes, you understand. Its just a "word" thingy."

Let's play Scrabble on our first and last date.
L words....L words......4 letters....hhmmm.......

How about ........

6 points for me.
How's this?
Oops. That's 5 letters for 5 points and I cheated.

Are you still thinking dear? I know!


Are you getting this?! No offense.

While you're learning to pronounce the other L word I'll just touch up my roots.
I know somewhere there's a guy who's not afraid of a little old word like.....

Uhh.....that is what you meant. Right?
Cause I really LLLOOOVVEEEE that word.

What's that? No, you may not jump me.
This is Scrabble, not Checkers.

formerly Bachelor #128 November 16, 2006

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