November 24, 2007

The Comeback Challenge Round 48
The Leftover Version

Welcome to the 48th round of The Dating Comeback Challenge. The theme? Stupidity.
There, I've said it.

I found less than intelligent profile headlines and stopped there before I my cranium broke. I'd like to save my brain for that one day when I do find Mr. Wonderful. I prefer it remain intact. Besides, I neeed to end this game before President Bush pardons some of these turkeys.

And anyway or anyhow (depending which contestant you are......just a little joke there), I thought you might need an abbreviated version. You'll have more time to eat turkey leftovers this way. Save a drumstick for me. OK? Here we go.

Remember, questions are from the original profiles. Spelling disasters are not my own. See rules below.

1. Love the outdoors. In-fact, when I'm not inside you'll probably find me outside.

2. I like crybaby movies and cuddly-warm people.

3. Trying to find ying for my yang.

4. Brainy Butt Cute

5. Im a family man looking for frindship not a mouther for my children they have one.

Now do you see why I had to STOP??!

1. I've posted ten five headlines and/or essay snippets below. Write a comedic response to all of these. Spelling errors are from original profiles and not my own.

2. You have until 11:59 pm MONDAY EDT to send in your answers via email. VERY IMPORTANT: Type "Saturday Comeback Challenge" in the subject line and include the name and url of your blog. Otherwise, I could overlook it in the bulk mail or something equally disastrous.

3. I try to keep this as family-friendly as possible without sacrificing humor. I will not post inappropriate, mean-spirited, or sexually explicit responses. There is a way to be funny without blatant innuendo; in fact, I think that's funnier.

4. I will announce the winner in Wednesday's post. You will get a link back to your site, a permanent place in my sidebar, and a winner's badge for your blog --plus untold fame and glory! Mostly untold.


To my American players, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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