October 26, 2007

Congratulations to
Lance and Ashley

Outside on a fall day in Canada last week, Ashley married Lance.

That's Mr. Lance Riley, author of Solitary Views and long-time competitor in my Saturday Comeback Challenge. You can see the video on his site by following this link. Or watch the wedding by clicking here . Ashley's blog is called Moj Pokoj. Please send them your best.

It is lovely to watch the video on their sites and listen to the overplay of Graham Colton's Best Days.
Very sweet and romantic.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Riley.

May you have many years of love and happiness.


Mr-Lance said...

Thank you MIMI, it touches me deeply to know our wedding has been viewed all over the world, your warmth has made our day even more special,

and yes you will see a wedding peace globe.

thank you again for your kind words. it means a lot.

Mrs-Ashley said...

Aww.. Thank you so much Mimi. Your words are very sweet and mean alot to both Lance and I.It nice to know that even though we had a small wedding that our special day can be shared with everyone all over. Thank you again.