September 26, 2007

My Blogs Are Possessed

It is 1:00 am.

Two hours ago I began writing The Comeback Challenge Round 42 winners post. Two minutes ago I lost the entire post. I copied. I pasted. I laughed. I judged. I ate toast and jelly. Lemonade. Watched the news. Fell asleep on the couch. Fell off the couch. Began again. I wrote an intro. I pasted pictures. I loaded a picture of a bunch of ants to go along with one of the questions.

The ants began to multiply.
Exponentially.....(I think that's the same thing.) What the heck do I know?
It's 1:02 am and I have an army of marching ants on this blog (which somehow completely erased everything else. They keep breeding!) and on the other blog the date won't change unless my entire sidebar goes south. Mimi Writes still reads Sunday, September 23 for Wednesday's post. Last Saturday's post had Friday's date and so and so on and now there are zillions of pesky red ants on my blog!!!! See???!! I will demolish curse squish annihilate buy a can of Raid and spray my keyboard tomorrow. And reassemble my post - from scratch - to bring to you, my patient readers, the winner of this week's challenge. Uninfested. Free of critters from hell.

I apologize to everyone out in blogland but I really must go to bed now.

I need to find an exterminator in the morning.....

and a priest.

Ever since I posted that strange Dark and Stormy Meme of Frank's my life has gone to hell in a handbasket. Thanks a LOT.

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katherine. said...

I'm thinking you took my advice about drinking the wine instead of that orange glumpy stuff...

Or your computer is infected.