October 19, 2006

Bachelor #108 "When I grow up I want to become a meme."

Now that I have your attention........

I have a confession to make.
This post is not about bachelors today (but I promise to find the zaniest one yet by the end of the day to make up for my ruse).

Not long ago I posted an article entitled Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere on my main blog. Translated from Latin to English means "Grant Us Peace."
Since then I've solicited help from several other prominent bloggers who would also like to see the idea of "Peace on Earth" spread across the blog world.

The first BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE will launch November 7, 2006. The "Dona Nobis" project is not a political statement or affiliated with any organization. It is simply a grassroots effort which began with a very simple idea - to storm the blogwaves with a single theme on a certain day - World Peace.

The goal is to get as many blog owners as possible blogging about peace on the same day , using the same post title (Dona Nobis Pacem) and displaying their signed globes from all parts of the world.

I hope my faithful readers and new visitors will consider participating in the BlogBlast. I encourage you to.....

Send this post to those in your link list and anyone else you can think of.
Mimi tags  Bazza, Wandering Girl, Lonesome Cowboy Advertizer, Yaxlich, (Now tag others. You know the drill.)
Have fun and remember -
Bloggers are taking over the world - One globe at a time.


Annelisa said...

Love the idea!!! How would I send the globe back to you with signature (already done the 'paint' bit :-))?

WanderingGirl said...

I'll get to work on this right away... or tomorrow. Whichever. And I'll be back in time to take part in the posting.