March 4, 2010

Bachelor # 559
"i have hairy toes but i'll wax em just fer you, babe"

I've been writing this blog for nearly four years now.
Little shocks me.
Until today.
When I saw this profile I started to skip it because it is sooooo gross. But really. You should know. This is reality on a dating site. Truly. The entire time I've been searching for misguided profiles to post here, I kept waiting for the clientele to step it up a notch and get a clue.
Instead, we have now regressed to this - and worse that I refuse to print.

That convent is lookin' mighty good about now.
Sister Mimi

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

He sounds like he's making a monkey of himself in posting that.

Mouse said...

Mimi, I don't venture into this part of your palace very often, but jesus ...... good job I wasn't drinking my tea when I read this one .... it would have sprayed my desk & computer at work! Seriously ......... ewwwwwwwww