April 5, 2008

Blog Closed For Renovations

Cobwebs to clear. Corners to sweep. Moats to vacuum.
I'll be back soon.
With a clean castle.
And a new skirt.
Let the renovation begin.


Mr-Lance said...

k, I want to play the game now, I'm going back to bed.....

Nate said...

Hey Mimi, this is Nate Smith from "Nate is a Blog." Your new site looks great! I just wanted to let you know that I am writing again! YAY! I'm not able to write on a daily basis, but I am managing to get to my blog weekly (sometimes more!). My new site is http://natesmithcomedy.com, but I will also be updating http://nateisablog.blogspot.com. And, if you've joined the twitter craze, you can get instant updates at http://twitter.com/natesmithcomedy.

Mimi Lenox said...

Just visiting peace globe bloggers tonight.
We will have another BlogBlast For Peace June 4, 2008. You are cordially invited to fly your peace globe and write a Dona Nobis Pacem post that day. Thank you for participating in the past. It will be an inspiring day in the blogosphere and for some reason I have a feeling that this midyear launch is going to be incredibly special.
here Click here for the scoop and please spread the groovy peace vibe on your blogs!
How To Get Your Peace Globe

You are peace globe #1 in the official Peace Globe Gallery. I hope you will participate again on June 4th!
Peace Globe #1