September 29, 2007

Comeback Challenge Round 43
Can Your Dog Water Ski?

Welcome to The Comeback Challenge Round 43. Last week a lady from Santa Cruz, California captured this title with her witticism and smarts. Katherine is a force to be reckoned with. Canada, Singapore and Memphis were also hysterically represented. I'll admit that these are a bit difficult this week but all the more challenging. I could use a funny bone tickle or two.

Even I know that's not a dog on the water ski. It's a's a .....Oh.My.Lord.
It looks like an overgrown mmmm.mmmmm.....ouse. YUK. YUK. YUK.
I'm going for caffeine comfort. Enjoy The Challenge!
And please, be kind to the squirrel. (See rules at the bottom of this post.)

1. Can your dog water ski? Mine can't either.

2. It feels like an out of body experience to describe myself

3. Tired of bars, met all the drunks

4. We reap what we sew

5. Not ready for a relationship, just dipping my toes.

6. Bloomin' Wallflower

7. Oooh. Oooh. Pick Me.

8. Baseball Fan Looking For a Home Run

9. Fully normalized and active diplomatic relations with the feminine.

10. She should like to stay inside watch movies and cuddle. Or go outside and walk around. Im very versatile in what i like to do.

Tie-Breaker: Mr. Treat 'm Right Looking for Mrs. No Game

1. I've posted ten headlines and/or essay snippets below. Spelling errors are from original profiles and not my own. Write a comedic response to any or all of these.

2. You have until 11:59 pm MONDAY EDT to send in your answers via email. VERY IMPORTANT: Type "Saturday Comeback Challenge" in the subject line and include the name and url of your blog.

3. I try to keep this as family-friendly as possible without sacrificing humor. I will not post inappropriate or sexually explicit responses. Subtle is good!

4. I will announce the winner in Wednesday's post. You will get a link back to your site, a permanent place in my sidebar, and a winner's badge for your blog --plus untold fame and glory! Mostly untold.


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