July 20, 2007

Saturday Comeback Challenge Round 34
Goldyloc and the Frog with Mussels

If one more guy says he "likes indoors as much as out" I'm gonna strip off my pencil skirt and don a black and white habit with a whimper on top. That's whimper with an H as in Mimi the Nun Queen surrenders.
Inside or out as opposed to what? Is there some realm of existence between in and out that I don't know about? This week the beloved bachelors have run the gamut between fact, fiction, fantasy, frolic and freaky. Don't they always? Your challenge is to outwit the witless. Carry on.

The Rules

1. I've posted ten headlines and/or essay snippets below. Spelling errors are from original profiles and not my own. Write a comedic response to any or all of these.
2. You have until 11:59 pm MONDAY EDT to send in your answers via email. Type "Saturday Comeback Challenge" in the subject line and include the name and url of your blog.
3. I try to keep this as family-friendly as possible without sacrificing humor. I won't post inappropriate or sexually explicit responses. Subtle is good!
4. I will announce the winner in Wednesday's post. You will get a link back to your site, a permanent place in my sidebar, and a winner's badge for your blog --plus untold fame and glory! (Mostly untold)

1. Must love children but not have any of their own.

2. I like to think I am health conscious but sometimes I'll hit a buffet.

3. I like to take long walks in the woods and fish.

4. Kiss Me Even though I'm Not a Frog

5. Mostly Teddybear with a little Goldyloc

6. I'm a very caring, loving, honest, and sweat guy that dose not play mind games.

7. I named my Golden Retriever Fire so the teacher couldn't yell at her in school. Is that so wrong?

8. I teach marital arts.

9. I enjoy working on mussel cars.

10. I am tired of finding bossy women who think they wear the pants and just want someone who will do as they are told. a little hard work never hurt anyone. Bring me a beer!

Tie-Breaker: There's More Than Just a Man Inside of Me

Last week's winner - Anyhow Blogs from Singapore. He's the man to beat! Come on guys, Anyhow is only 23 years old! The Challenge is on....

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