May 2, 2007

Bachelor #197
Billy the Bully

"Note, that if you are going to mail me, please have a recent pic... I mean seriously, if you want to complain about men, then look at yourself first, before pointing a finger at us. And please, 140 lbs. and greater don't apply. If I want a big woman, I'll find a female cow. If you want to get a man, get off the couch. I mean I know that I'll never get with a model, but seriously, is there something seriously wrong with wanting an attractive woman by my side?"

Of course not, you bull stud you, there's nothing seriously wrong with you wanting an attractive woman by your side. It's just have a better chance of ending up with a cow.


Deadline Monday 11:59pm ** You know you wanna play.

1 comment:

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

He should marry a cow and love it.