April 3, 2007

The plot thickens....

How ironic is this?
When I finally sat down to finish the Challenge results, the delete button on my computer stuck. It's still stuck. No! No! You will not delete those comebacks, Mimi. My computer has formed a mutiny and is refusing to let me censor some of your answers. It doesn't do any good to curse at my screen now because I can't delete it. I can't even censor myself.
This after a 12-hour day and a nail crisis. And I DO mean a crisis, people. You have no idea what has befallen my pencil skirt today.

Yahoo mail is conspiring. Are you aware of this problem? "Sorry for the inconvenience. You've stumbled upon a temporary problem we're having with Yahoo Mail. Error Code 5."
Stumbled upon??
Your answers are in my mailbox!
I am not amused.

Be back when Yahoo decides to fix itself. I'll grab 'em, copy 'em and and carry on.
Until then....brew a pot of coffee, write your blog for tomorrow or just go to bed and give up on me altogether tonight.

I'll just be sitting here by the light of the silvery screen waiting for the internet to rehabilitate.


ian said...

yer killin' us, Mimi


Mimi Lenox said...

I know. And I feel terrible about it. But today has forced me to make the decision to move the results day 'til Wednesdays. Not so much pressure for me to get it all done if I have entries up until midnight.

Congrats on your placement this week. You are really funny, Ian.