February 13, 2007

Do We Have a Winner?

Frank! Wake up! It's time to announce the winner of the Saturday Comeback Challenge.
I'm biting what's left of my nails here. You know it's serious when I mess with my nails. Now I know how you guys feel when I don't have the winner posted early in the day! The suspense is killing me........He does live in a cave in the far northern hemisphere. But really. What time is it in that Canadian cave, Frank??

All I can say at this point is -
I hope Bud brought his A game.

(I think I just talked smack to my boyfriend. Maybe I shouldn't since tomorrow is Valentine's Day!) Sorry, Bud.

Did you bring your A game?

1 comment:

Anndi said...

The suspense is killing me.. especially since I've linked this blog in my blog post today.

I've found the video version of these .. ahem.. poor misguided souls (I can be nice.. really I can).