January 9, 2007

Challenging Comeback Challenge (I need caffeine)

It's been an amazing Comeback Challenge response! I'm happily overwhelmed but have to employ the services of Blogger and Blogger for clarification on a winner.

Mims was never good at math.

Pencil Skirts, yes.



I'm furiously typing into my calculator as we speak. I can't get the CAPS button to work!! There is no music downloaded on this thing either.

I knew I shouldn't have bought a talking calculator. I keep wanting to talk back. And my mother keeps calling.


Stay tuned for the big announcement later today.

The 3 am contestant count stood at 13!
Mims needs coffee.


SGT DUB said...

oh, the competition will be tough. Here's wishing me good luck.

Epiphany Alone said...

That's awesome, Mimi :) My, how it's grown in just a few short weeks!

Bond said...

Bring on the newbies!

Linda said...

I told you that I was coming back and bringing friends!

Starrlight said...

Who you callin n00b, Bond?!?!?

Michael C said...

I'm so excited!! When do we get the results? I'll probably get fired from work for abusing the internet because I kept checking for updates/results every 20 minutes today. Sorry if I skewed your site counter ;-)