January 21, 2007

Bachelor #152 Biblical Babe ISO Christian Cutie

I know it's Sunday and everything but this is beyond my scope of theology.
There was a Babe in the Bible? I went to church this morning, searched the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and I can't find one biblical Babe (except the Baby Jesus, of course, and that is irrelevant to this conversation.) Isn't it?

But since you have raised such a provocative question, I've included a copy of this nifty book to help you. Good luck finding a Cutie in there. But wait....

Aren't you a guy?!!
I'm so confused.

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karen said...

"...(except the Baby Jesus, of course, and that is irrelevant..."

Don't you mean irreverent? :) There were babes in the Bible! I took a class about them in college. It was taught by a pro-pot-smoking ex-nun. I'm not kidding - I couldn't make that up.