December 27, 2006

Comeback Challenge Winner - Round Seven! (You won't believe this.....)

Your answers were incredibly funny this week. But there can be only one Saturday Comeback Challenge winner. Here are the questions and each individual contestant's answer. The contestant with the most tickles this week is...........

1. Must Love Dog Hair

Bond: Is this something that electroysis can help with?
Bud: Let me guess. No vacuum, right?
Epiphany: That's some toupee you have.

2. I'm passionate and sensitive, yes, I even had tears in my eyes after some commercials

Bond: Is it those commercials about male impotency? (OUCH)
Lyn: I bet you cry at letter openings too.
Bud: People who cry during commercials need Prozac, not a date.

Epiphany: Shampoo ads always do that to me too. I just hate it when I get shampoo in my eyes!

3. My ideal woman is smart and sexy and doesn't take me too seriously and will take my breath away when I see her in a bikini

Bond: Wait.. should I not take that seriously?
Lyn: I can see why she wouldn't take you too seriously

Bud: Your real woman will be dumb and lumpy and take you VERY seriously. And you’ll be begging her to not wear the bikini.
Epiphany: If she's so smart, why does she walk around in the winter in a bikini?

4. Not into phonie peopole.

Bond: What about Telephone Pole People? You into them? 
Lyn: I prefer to talk to my peoples in person too.
Bud:  Peopoles are like tadpoles, right? Frogs without cell phones. Got it.
Epiphany: I'm not into illiterates.

5. Licensed to thrill
Bond: Suspending your license

Lyn: My flight or fight instinct is saying "run, run, run".
Bud: Jimmy Buffett’s CD from last year. This year’s Buffett CD is better.
Epiphany: Oh pul-eeease. Is this one of those campy 80's movies, or are you a dentist with a lisp?

6. Let's go ride my bike and fly

 Bond: Dang... So that is what happened to you Elliott... will ET be coming along too?
Lyn: Wait, I have to call home.
Bud: You go ride your bike. I will fly away.
Epiphany: Is your mommy home? It's past your bedtime.

7. Today is yesterdays tomorrow

Bond: I will date you last weeks, two years ago or Then call me a week from tomorrow's last Thursday

Lyn: Todays idiot is yesterdays fool.
Bud:  So tomorrow is yesterday’s day after yesterday? And yesterday is today’s yesterday? It’s already so hard to keep track of this. I’ll get back to you, old wise thinker.
Epiphany: Today is tomorrow's yesterday. Is this one of those half full/half empty questions?

8. Man Seeks Women to Help Globle Warning

Bond: Woman seeks man who has head on shoulder

Lyn: Here a globle, there a globle everywhere a globle globle. There, I helped warn everyone.
Bud: The warning is to stay away from this man.
Epiphany: Who is Globle? What are we warning him about?
9. Traveling Man Needs a Woman's Hands

Bond: Is this some sort of ritualistic serial killer trophy thing?

 Lyn: Walk on your own hands please.
Bud: Keep the rest, just leave your hands please.
Epiphany: Sorry, they're not detachable

10. I'm intense sometimes.
 A cup of coffee will tell.

Bond: Has your doctor suggested you switch to decaf?
 Lyn: Like tea leaves? Am I supposed to read the grounds?
Bud:  A cup of coffee will tell. I’ve heard of tea readers but coffee?
Epiphany: Your coffee talks to you? What does it say?

A close second goes to Bond from The Couch with 7 answers that tickled my funny bone.
Epiphany and Bud tied with 8 each.

Here's your tiebreaker question.
I want to glaze into your eyes.

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