December 26, 2006

Bachelor #147 ~ Bring a Net

Bachelor # 147's Christmas wishlist includes....
 "Someone who makes me get butterflys after we talk."
Can we just go for ice cream?

I kid you not.

Today is my 200th post! All these bachelors and I still haven't found my Prince Charming. Sigh.

I've extended the deadline for this week's Dating Profiles Saturday Comeback Challenge. It is midnight tonight EST. CLICK HERE to enter! Thus far, it's a close race between two very serious competitors. What's in it for you?

A chance to unseat and upset the previous reigning champs who continue to dominate this competition. The apple apparently does not fall far from the funny tree (Bud and Epiphany are father and daughter) but honestly, folks.....I know there's a wiseguy or gal out there somewhere who can outwit even the wittiest.

It's time to lay down the funnies.

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