October 25, 2006

Bachelor #117 Cloning Not Advisable

Let me introduce you to.........
"The One and Only" from Midland, Texas.

"The raisin that I say I'm THE ONE AND ONLY is becase I'm the last of a dieing bread."

Age: 57
Occupation: Wikipedia editor (you know, that site where they make up modern day words and such)
Education: School of the Sacred Living Loaf
Looking for: Little Debbie
Hoping for: Love when he yeast expects it

May he rest end pieces.


Anonymous said...

That dieing bread's gotta go, right? Oh, Lord, why don't they teach children how to spell in Texas. They can shoot automatic rifles but they can't spell better than third graders?

lonesome cowboy advertizer said...

I don't git it Miss Mimi. Ma was dieing some bread just the other day. She asked me to fetch her a brown loaf from the stor and i fetched a white 'un. But at leest it didnt have no raisins in it. That guy gotta be missing some parts upstairs.

WanderingGirl said...

Oh, how I hate the heel.

Anonymous said...

He could be right about his bread. {Perhaps it just doesn't rise anymore...