March 8, 2009

Bachelor #435
Like A Bridge Over Nutty Waters

Headline: "boy howdy lets climb a moutain ha ha”
Age: 48 going on 12
Location: River Bank USA
Profile: Amusing and in its entirety below
Photo: Doing a karate chop under a bridge
(imagine crazy man on riverbank above)
He writes.....
"how do its cold out side i,am posting 2 lofts for rent & a building i,am selling & truck & a jeep & wood stoves & cleaning house & my garage ha ha & my landury ha ha can,t wate till it gets warm ,,,,on the bike or the rag top or the lake ha he ha ha its he ha woops & a cold beer..but hey the sun it out & that makes all cool well & a 3hr computer class on how to load stuff for sale this is allsome & listing to 80 ,s rock some billy idle wish,n i had a girl to sunggle with ha ha o yes !!!out doors & raceing & sun sets & bike rideing & good times later gals"

Put your laundry in the dryer and please, for the love of all that is holy, get off this site.


sAm said...

Seriously? this is a goofs idea of a dating profile? WTF??? Of all the profiles I've read (and I'm in the's quite a few!) this has to be the worst - not oddest, not scariest, just the worst. Thnx for the smile! :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Sam - Seriously. I tried to chop it up and make it funny (the laundry line cracked me up) but decided the whole thing represented best just what we're dealing with here. Oh. No. It is NOT the worst I've seen.
Not by a long shot.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I don't know who wrote that one but perhaps the warders release him from his straitjacket occasionally to go on the computer?

Dragonfly said...

And that just killed any ticking biological clocks that may have been looking for love.