April 20, 2007

Bachelor #188 Lions and Tigers and Dogs?

"I love all animals, but small yipping dogs make me cringe. I'll say I hate small dogs till I'm blue in the face, but you put a small dog in my lap and I'll pet it and play with it...till it leaves the room, then I'll go back to hating it!! Communication is definately not my strong suit..but then i haven't really met anyone I can relate to in any way."

Apparently, the dog understood everything you said and had the sense to leave the room. (Thanks, Fido, for saving the rest of us a lot of time.) Maybe you should try communicating with a Rottweiler next time.

1 comment:

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

"I haven't met anyone I can relate to in any way"? A classic. Brilliant!