February 13, 2007

Round 14: The Results Are In! And the Winner is......

Saturday Comeback Challenge Number 14 had technical difficulties. I finally had to delete it from my blog. Instead of my own posting, I will link you to Frank Sirianni's post. He authored and judged this competition, then posted it on his blog.

Please click HERE to view Number 14!

And thanks, Frank, for all your hard work!

And First Place Winner is
Limey from http://a-limey-in-lime-rock.blogspot.com/ with 13 points
and second place goes to
Uncle Artemus from http://uncleartemus.blogspot.com/ with 11 points
with a tie for third between
Ian and Karen with 7 points each
so it's off to the tie breaker for those two
And after much debate Third place goes to Ian Healy from EDog's Everything's Page
My thank's to Mimi for letting me run this week's Dating

Challenge. I hope, Mimi, that you had fun playing as a Contestant.
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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